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February 16, 2016

Just like that Garance Doré has ripped my little blogger heart from my chest. In my last post I forced my husband to buy me her book for Valentine’s Day and then forced him to let me open it nine days early because I. Had. To. Have. It. I had to know what secrets were hidden between its painfully stylish (simple, pretty, HAND DRAWN!) covers. What was she saying on those satiny pages that I had only briefly gotten to touch from my hair stylist’s chair? All I knew of this woman I had heard from my stylist and it was brief—she is in her forties, she is French (this was all I needed to know), and she is completely perfect to be my life/style/lifestyle idol.

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In two days I read her book Love Style Life twice. The night it arrived I laid in bed for two hours touching every image on every page. I read some of the articles that jumped into my lap before my brain could even register them—“The Tux” !!! “The French Woman Says No” !!! (I say no!!! Must read. Must absorb!) I read some of her words less with my eyes and my brain than with the very beat of my heart! I know, I know this is SOOooooooo dramatic and you think, “What a vapid thing this girl must be!” but there are just some times in life when you encounter something that your soul recognizes, and this woman is it.

Of course I have had my obsessions. My life is one big, long obsession—I’ll go from one celebrity to another trend and onto a different TV show. Yesterday I simply could not live without those Tory Burch boots, but then those Double Monks caught my eye. Every fall/winter my life takes a serious sabbatical so that I am free to be wholly engrossed by Harry Potter (again). It is possible that when I come back to edit this stream of consciousness, to decide if it will in fact become a blog post, I may decide that I was a bit, ah, zealous. [EDIT: I came back. This is real. I am in love]. The facts stand thus: I just read the entire book in one sitting… and at the end I cried. My cat judged me.

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This woman is a version of the person I hope to grow into. She is seasoned by years of experience I cannot hope to have at 25 (where I live in perpetual fear that I am “missing it” and simultaneously not knowing what “it” is). She knows what “it” is! At least in her polished, edited, published form she is a self-assured, wise, culturally and socially diverse, open minded woman. AND SHE IS COOL! She spends a lot of money on nice things and she is not even ashamed of it! She is deep. She has experienced herself moving through life and she beautifully articulates how each phase has taught and shaped her. She had big dreams and she is very successful at those things! Yeah, yeah she is a real person and suffers real issues, but she talks about that stuff too! She spoke directly to me on so many levels—I found myself thinking, “Yes! I should write about this! I should say what I think about this!” and being infinitely, unendingly, encouragingly inspired page after page.

Full disclosure, I want this blog to be my business. I want to write and I want to be a part of a world I have, until now, told myself was not for me. I want to be cool, and chic, and beautiful, and know people who are that way, and do the awesome things that those people do! Garance Doré does that!

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But I also need for my life to have meaning. I need for the fires that burn in the pit of stomach to be worthy of pursuing at any cost. I need to know that there is substance to what I allow my mind and heart to be filled with. This woman has in the simplest, most charming and unassuming language shared the meaning in her pursuits. These things that women struggle with—what to wear, how to look, how to act, what to care about—that are expected of us and at the same time deemed superficial, they have meaning! The things that I wrestle with on my own, she opens up in her book. So many things that she has come through on the other side I yearn to grow in.

Talking openly about the things that we deal with, the passions that ignite us, the realness of the lives we all live is what I want to be a part of. That makes me want to write, to engage, to be brave and introduce myself to that girl I see all over town who I stalk on Instagram but don’t actually know. There has to be a place in the world for a girl like me who cares about the things I care about.

For all my years I have been afraid of what would happen if I realized that actually there is not a place for me. I have not been brave, I have not tried hard, I have not reached outside of myself. And I have missed out. I have missed out on people, experiences, and the full and colorful life I was given. To surround myself with things that inspire me, to engage in things that make me feel alive, to challenge myself to be the woman I dream I am—THAT is what I want for myself. That is what I want for all girls everywhere! Garance Doré you seem to have found that, and for sharing about it I thank you, deeply.

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By Courtney

Author of PrettyRX, a lifestyle blog.

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