12 Reasons I am Grateful for my Student Loans

February 23, 2016

In my last post I talked about being unemployed and how that has put my shopping on a budget. In truth, even when I was working, we were on a very tight budget because of our student loans. Between the two of us John and I have a lot of intelligence and a BIG FAT BILL (or four) every month. We recently paid one of those loans off that was holding us back and I realized that we had a lot to be thankful for. Here are the 12 Reasons I am Grateful for my Student Loans:

  1. Having an immense amount of student loan debt (~100k) has made it nearly impossible to accrue other forms of personal debt—like credit cards! Seriously, I have AMAZING credit!
  2.  Having a common enemy (our debt) has often kept John and me from turning on each other. Sometimes our marriage requires a third party.
  3.  The other side of that coin is that having a common goal has brought us closer together. Early into marriage we got on the same page about money when we couldn’t agree on anything else.
  4.  We young folks are planning for our future now instead of later. Weird. This debt is a long-term sentence so we can plan on it affecting our other long-term goals—like owning a home and having children.
  5.  We know financial shit! Before I got married, I thought that if I could pay my rent I could buy all the shoes I wanted with the leftovers. I know now that budgets are a really cool thing to have as an adult. And we have a KICK-ASS budget.
  6.  Our discipline muscles are FAT! We actually prioritize the things we want to do instead of just doing everything. There is freeeeeeedom in saying “no”!
  7.  We have something legit to celebrate! Paying off a loan is cause to PAR-TAY, and other people get excited for you!
  8.  I have real-life, grown-up advice for younger people. Gross that I am getting less-young, but yay for wisdom! If you wanted to know, I would truly have some shit to impart about college, money, debt…
  9.  I’m in the club! All I really want is to be pretty & popular and when it comes to student loans I have an automatic “in” with most people my age. Let the commiseration begin!
  10.  Everything is sweeter. When I get to go out to eat guilt-free, sweet. When John and I are wonder-twin-powering it and there are zeros in our savings account, decadent! The thing about restraint is that when I do indulge it is actually delicious!
  11.  People feel bad for me, and that is almost as delicious as being popular. Seriously, the loan adjuster feels bad for us. It is affirming to hear the people taking our money recognize that this is LEGIT hard.
  12.  My student loans have shown me how I have enough. When things were at their worst—loan in default, unable to stay afloat, living with friends—we still had enough. We always ate, never slept in a bus stop, avoided divorce, and wore clean clothes. I got to keep all of my shoes, and we had a computer and a TV and a fucking college education! No matter how stressful it was I never lost anything that really mattered. And I get to hang on to that for the rest of my life.

By Courtney

Author of PrettyRX, a lifestyle blog.

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