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March 28, 2016

I love to shop! In fact we’ve already talked about this a little bit. Shopping is my hobby—it’s about adventure, seeking out that thing you need or stumbling upon something you didn’t know you needed, and it’s about creativity. What I buy and don’t buy is a reflection of who I am because it’s a choice, and one of the choices I feel strongly about is shopping locally.

Let’s face it Tacoma, WA is not exactly shop-tropolis. Seattle and Bellevue are where big labels and designers are likely to find their friends with money, and while we have a cool scene in Tacoma we are unlike Austin and Chicago in size and notoriety (both places I’ve shopped excellent vintage/second hand). T-town is still a small town in the sense that we have a couple, or a handful, of options for what you’re looking for. Oh, you need a handcrafted cocktail? Go here or here. An elegant restaurant for date-night? This place, or that one. This is the pho place, that’s the pizza spot… and that’s pretty much how it feels. The same principle applies to boutiques.

Lucky for me one of those options is Satori Boutique, and I got to help them out last week with a little bit of product modelling for their online store! Satori is run by Diamond, who I personally think has the best taste in minimal style AND plant décor—if not for my kitties I would have her succulents and air plants all over my apartment. I love Satori for having just a little bit of all the necessary things: locally made all-natural skincare products (I use Herbivore’s bamboo charcoal cleansing bar on my face/chest/back), locally designed and hand-crafted jewelry, a few everyday home goods, and the chicest, most effortless clothing for every season. The options are paired down to make your choices simple and everything is classic enough to be considered your new “basic”. Here’s a look at some of the spring offerings available online today:




By Courtney

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    Enough with the shopping. It is time to reveal your deep, dark secrets.

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      When you can come up with three deep, dark secrets to reveal each week then I shall follow your lead, Sir.

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