Cheers to Year Four!

April 18, 2016

Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary, and thus the beginning of our FOURTH year of marriage! Romantic pack-rat that I am, I have dug up my wedding vows from the depths of an old hard drive. Oh, and some engagement and wedding pictures, because… nostalgia! Cue all the heart-eyes and grab some tissues! Enjoy…




“I’d like to tell you two stories.

First, a boy and a girl are sitting outside a coffee shop on a beautiful summer day. It is Friday and they have met here after work to share each other’s company and a peaceful moment. There is nowhere to be and nothing to worry about. Little beads of sweat roll down plastic cups of iced coffee, then, a sudden thrill of delight when he asks for a bite of her lavender lemon bar. The girl doesn’t quite realize it, but she is in love with this boy. He talks about work and begins to share about a particular part of his day. A lady from the office is attending a wedding for a couple of teenagers. He’s not sure what to think about marriage for people that young, in fact he told his coworker that he didn’t even think at 26 that he was ready for that kind of relationship. Besides he kind of likes being single even though it can get lonely. The lady from the office replied, “I think you will be married next year, and I believe I will get to witness it”. As the boy shares this little anecdote from his day a small, clear voice wells up inside the girl and cries out, “That’s me!”

The next story is short. The boy and the girl are sitting on the lawn of a church courtyard late at night. They have been wandering through the North Tacoma neighborhoods for a few hours and need to rest. The boy has been sharing his mental, emotional and spiritual process of the past few weeks. Their tedious conversation is the product of one they had before; God had told the girl to tell the boy how she really felt about him. Now she is tired and discouraged, but desperately wants to hear what he has to say and so listens patiently to his thoughts. Finally he exclaims, “What I’m trying to say is that I’d like to take you on a date!”

The first story is a prophecy that I believe is coming true today. The second is the beginning of our journey to this place. In that moment that you first asked me to go on a date with you my heavenly Father also asked me, “Do you want this?” He had asked me to be patient and to wait on Him for weeks after I obediently admitted my feelings for you and He worked on your heart. In that moment, after all of the emotions and the many talks, God put you before me and asked, “Do you want this?” What He meant was, “Courtney I love you. I know what you want, and I want to bless you. Will you trust me with this? Will you accept my gift, no matter what?”

I said yes to you with my mouth and yes to God with my heart. We serve a loving and gracious God who knows the deepest desires of our souls and who creates opportunities for those desires to be made real in this life. I could not have chosen to marry you when I accepted your request to go on a date, but our Abba – who heard my heart cry, “That’s me!” – knew that we would get here when I chose to trust Him with my heart. “Yes” then meant “yes” to taking a step in faith and it is that same “yes” that I have carried in my heart through all of our dates, pre-engagement counseling, saying “I love you” for the first time, fights and heartache, silliness that can never be explained, your proposal, this insane engagement, and now today.

John, I get to marry you today because the Lord has led me here and not forgotten the deepest longings of my heart. It is on that foundation with truer love than I even yet know and a deep conviction that I vow to say “yes” to God in faith, as your wife, until I die or Jesus returns.”







By Courtney

Author of PrettyRX, a lifestyle blog.


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    Nick Laparra

    Love this! I remember this day clearly. Love and miss you guys!

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      Thanks Nick! It was a fun day. We miss you guys too, but love keeping up with everything going on!

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