On Wednesdays We Wear Pink | Movie Night

April 20, 2016

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shoes (Vans) + pants (UXC Find) + hoodie (hand-me-down, thanks Jess!) + bag (Betsey Johnson, Macy’s)

Well, its true what they say about light: if you want good pictures, you need it! I hope my blog makes other people feel like they can blog even though they aren’t so skilled and professional– I’m doing it! This is what cell phone pics look like in the dark! Anyway, I’m super excited about these Vans because I’ve been wanting a pair of high-tops for a while, and its Vans’ 50th birthday this year! I love Vans–they are the only shoe I’ve never had to break in–I have several pairs, and these were only $25 at the Tulalip Outlets!!! John and I go to the movies every Tuesday, its our weekly date-night and the tickets are only $6. It has become a tradition I look forward to and when I saw this kitschy Betsey bag for sale I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT! Last night it just worked out that my pants AND purse were adorned with pearl beads (every time I wear these jeans someone touches my leg). I love these jeans for the movies because they are soooo stretchy, and I inevitably always end up unbuttoning my pants in the theater (because I’m holding it in because I am afraid to go to the bathroom by myself!).

But the great irony of these photos is that we ended up NOT going to the movies last night– it was our third wedding anniversary and because of crazy, chaotic life-altering decisions we didn’t plan for it. After a half-assed attempt to make it to the theater post quick, fancy dessert at Marrow we missed all the showings. I am actually laughing in all these pics because we’ve been fighting SO MUCH that I think we both kind of lost it during this “photo shoot”.

Whisper-fighting right in front of our apartment–

Me: You are not an artist! Just take a good picture!

John: Just do what I say, okay?!

Oh yeah, good times.

By Courtney

Author of PrettyRX, a lifestyle blog.

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